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Going on a yoga retreat give you the opportunity to step out of your life, practice healthy habits, eat nourishing food, meet interesting people, visit an exotic location, take the time to meditate, turn off the chatter in your brain and surround yourself with positive energy. Retreats give you the tools to redefine, prioritize and upgrade your current life path.

Getting away and taking a break from your daily routine is a gift in itself. A retreat is the opportunity to take the time for yourself to get away, relax and unplug. Finding the time to rediscover forgotten passions and to discover new ones. Clearing your mind and seeing things in a different perspective plants seeds for inspiration and growth.

Being nourished daily by specially prepared, organic, vegetarian, farm-to-table meals you will quickly notice a difference in yourself. You will observe as your body transforms and benefits from improved digestion and increased absorption of nutrients, leading to greater vitality and more consistent energy. Your life shouldn’t conflict with who you are as a person. On a retreat you have the freedom to push away the everyday distractions to go inside and find the person you have always been. You will learn to practice self-care and prioritize what is important to move forward with clarity.

Solo Yoga Retreat

Any time between July and October
Spending a few days at Okreblue under the experienced guidance of Sasy, is an investment to your wellbeing, healing and transformation. Sasy’s 12-year experience in teaching different methods of yoga, has lead her to teach from the heart, adjusting her teaching according to every individual’s needs. Combining Anusara yoga method of alignment and philosophy, with Ayurveda and Yoga as therapy, a retreat designed for you will give you a lot of tools to take with you in your everyday life. 

Ayurveda and Yoga Nidra Workshop

28-29 November
In this workshop, we will move, meditate, share information about the changes we are experiencing and how we respond to them, tips to bring balance through proper nutrition, proper exercise and Ayurveda routines that help to bring balance. On the second day of the workshop we will sit meditation on the Earth + Water elements and we will enjoy a Yoga Nidra session to nourish and rest.

Aerial & Yin Yoga Retreat

9-12 July 2020
On our Aerial and Yin Yoga retreat we will start each morning with a gravity reversing, joint reviving Aerial yoga class in our spacious studio and end the day with a harmonizing, calming restorative Yin practice. Aerial Yoga’s’ fiery stabilization and Yin yoga’s earthy sequences are a dynamic combination of action and pause. In Yin Yoga we apply a passive and moderate stretch to the connective tissues, fascia, tendons and ligaments with the aim to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. These poses are designed to improve the flow of prana and calm the mind.

5 Elements Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

17-23 August 2020
During the retreat we will have morning and evening practices which will include morning meditation at different nature locations around Okreblue, to establish a deeper connection and understanding of the elements. The meditation practices will be followed by asana classes in order to embody the elemental state of being through our perfect vehicle which we call body. All practices are accessible to both new to yoga or more experienced practitioners.

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Sasy’s Yoga Life school of Hatha Yoga is a powerful practice for creation, growth and metamorphosis.Though various yogic techniques, meditation, pranayama, Hatha yoga practices, Aerial yoga practices, creation of optimal alignment through movement, body massage treatments and Life Coaching sessions, we explore our very potential and expand our consciousness towards our living life with good health, happiness and joy. 

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