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Holistic Coaching considers the mind, body and spirit as one. If you want to work on healing one of the three you must also work on the other two. It focuses on the bigger picture on a persons’ life and works on every area of self improvement. As everything rests in the web of interconnectedness, every action and every decision we make has an effect on every area of our lives.

The holistic style of coaching focuses on more than the one specific desired outcome. Even if there is one main issue that you want to work on, we will approach it by investigating every other aspect of your life that can also be affecting it or is connected to it in some way. To create lasting results we will focus both on maintaining a healthy mind set, physical health and create the sense of fulfillment and well-being in your life.

Through a level of commitment towards change and transformation you will be provided by the support and encouragement you need towards achieving your goals and maintaining an overall well-being. In order to achieve healing from the inside out, in our time together we will use Self Empowerment Techniques (NLP oriented*), Ayurveda Principals as well as Yoga and Meditation guidelines.

We can either meet in person on Paros island at Okreblue Yoga Retreat Center or meet and work online.


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Sasy’s Yoga Life school of Hatha Yoga is a powerful practice for creation, growth and metamorphosis.Though various yogic techniques, meditation, pranayama, Hatha yoga practices, Aerial yoga practices, creation of optimal alignment through movement, body massage treatments and Life Coaching sessions, we explore our very potential and expand our consciousness towards our living life with good health, happiness and joy. 

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