One On One Sessions

Offering yourself personal sessions under the experienced guidance of Sasy, is an investment to your wellbeing, healing and transformation. Sasy’s 12-year experience in teaching different methods of yoga, has lead her to teach from the heart, adjusting her teaching according to every individual’s needs. Together with Sasy you will explore the best method for you to grow in your full potential, get inspired to transform and learn new ways to navigate everyday life and practice, to live in optimal health and happiness. Her method derives from a combination of Anusara yoga method of alignment and philosophy, with Ayurveda and Yoga as therapy and NLP Life Coaching (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Personal Yoga

All year round
Anyone can benefit from yoga, and private yoga classes are a fantastic way to go about learning the practice. In our time together in a private yoga session, a comprehensive yoga instruction will be offered, tailored to your own needs and goals. Both beginners and advanced yogis can benefit from one on one private sessions.

Holistic Life Coaching

All year round
Life coaching aims at helping you meet your goals in your personal life, communications and relationships by guiding you in the direction of growth and success. Looking at life as a whole rather than in parts, Holistic Coaching approaches every aspect of your life. Connecting body, mind and spirit Holistic Coaching helps you access your full potential, activate your spiritual power, improve your overall well-being and make transformational changes.

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Sasy’s Yoga Life school of Hatha Yoga is a powerful practice for creation, growth and metamorphosis.Though various yogic techniques, meditation, pranayama, Hatha yoga practices, Aerial yoga practices, creation of optimal alignment through movement, body massage treatments and Life Coaching sessions, we explore our very potential and expand our consciousness towards our living life with good health, happiness and joy. 

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